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Eric Swenson eric at swenson.org
Wed Nov 9 20:12:58 CET 2016

I was able to create an archive using :copy.  Here is an example.  

:copy reader >  ,ar5:

I started with the file “dsk: ejs: reader 28” and then issued the command above.

The result is the file:

FREE BLOCKS #0=14493
  0   AR5    1      3 ! 11/9/16 11:12:46

If I then do:

*:listf argg5:

ES  EJS    AR5    1
Free files = 203, Wasted Words = 0
  0   READER 28     2  07/25/15 15:51:11

I see that “reader 28” has been placed inthe the new archive “ar5 1”.

— Eric

> On Nov 9, 2016, at 00:33, Lars Brinkhoff <lars at nocrew.org> wrote:
> Eric Swenson wrote
>> Lars, are you referring to the files with the ARCHIV extension?
> No, those are usually software change logs.
> Mike McMahon wrote:
>> ARn: UDIR; is the "inside" of DSK: UDIR; ARn >. Use it like any file
>> system; the archive is created on demand.
> Thank you.  I was able to say e.g. :LISTF AR1: and see the contents.
> I can copy files into and out of existing archives.
> However, I couldn't create new archives.  I tried various things, but
> the closest got was a one-block archive file which only responded with
> DEVICE NOT READY whichever way I tried to access it.

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