[its-hackers] sys; atsign dragon

Eric Swenson eric at swenson.org
Wed Nov 16 17:26:20 CET 2016

Hi all,

In case you're interested, I recreated the Midas source for sys; atsign dragon (syseng; dragon 206). I used Lars' dis10 disassembled and built a source file, which when assembled, resulted in an identical binary. I committed this source to the Git repository at https://github.com/PDP-10. 

sys; atsign dragon is loaded by ITS on boot (see system; sysjob >) and logs in as TARAKA. It searches the CHANNA directory for any files whose FN1 is RAKASH and creates daemon jobs (whose names it sets to the FN2) for each. It the logs out. It is through this mechanism that the CHANNA; RAKASH DMPCPY, CHANNA; RAKASH NETIME, CHANNA; RAKASH PFTHMG, and CHANNA; RAKASH CNAVRL daemons are launched.

In my source reconstruction, I tried to turn all constant literals into appropriate symbolic constants. However, my 35+ old ITS knowledge has mostly faded (the little that I had as a system hacker), so I'm sure a real ITS hacker could clean things up further. I may improve the recreation over time as I refresh my ITS knowledge. Anyone who knows more about these things than I is welcome to improve it!

Comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome!

-- Eric
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