[its-hackers] sys; atsign dragon

Eric Swenson eric at swenson.org
Wed Nov 16 20:59:08 CET 2016

Looks like I’m going to be stuck and the daemon effort. CHANNA; RAKASH NETIME dies on run (with a .val 0) — probably because it can’t access the network.

CHANNA; RAKASH PFTHMG is unhappy because there is no DRAGON; DRAGON HOARD.  But I suspect even if I include on in sources.tape, DRAGON will be unhappy because of the clock’s not being set.  It needs to read/write accounting data to DRAGON; DRAGON HOARD.  It appears to start up and go into a wait state — that is probably fine, and perhaps if I set the time before it wakes up again, everything will be good.


 1) we really need SIMH to return the current time to ITS.  KLH10 does this fine — but as reported earlier, I cannot get KLH10 to work with your build.

2) we need IMP support. KLH10 has it. Does SIMH?  How do we enable/configure it in SIMH?

3) I wasn’t able to run the KLH10 build the last time I tried, and the klh10 branch hasn’t been updated since the last time I tried. I’m inclined to think that I can’t make progress until we have time and network support.  So I was thinking I’d switch to KLH10 — however, as I reported earlier, the build doesn’t succeed on that branch.

Suggestions? — Eric

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