[its-hackers] KLH10 (Was: sys; atsign dragon)

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Thu Nov 17 07:05:25 CET 2016

Ken Harrenstien wrote:
> Eric Swenson wrote:
>     I had forgotten whether you were following the
>     https://github.com/PDP-10/its effort to bootstrap ITS from
>     sources.
> No, I hadn't heard of it before now.

Hello Ken,

I tried to reach you at a few different email addresses, but failed.
Good to hear from you again.

> Hmm - don't remember previous msgs... build on what platform? It was
> working for me, but my code is a bit newer.

I have found that the KLH10 code has been copied around and updated my
several people.  I have been in contact with a few of them, and we
agreed to rally around this one:


If you have an account on GitHub, I'd be happy to transfer ownership to
you.  Or, if you have improvements you want to share, I could merge
those in.

Best regards,
Lars Brinkhoff

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