[its-hackers] sys; atsign dragon

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Thu Nov 17 07:47:55 CET 2016

Ken Harrenstien wrote:
> Note there are timing races in the original DSKDMP (or am I thinking
> about NSALV?) that will cause it to fail, since the code expects the
> hardware disk to take a long time but the virtual disk responds
> instantly and wipes out the code that is still being executed.

I'm creating an automated ITS install, starting from tapes, and building
as much as possible from source code.

At first, I loaded everything - binaries and source code - onto a fresh
disk using NSALV.  This worked fine in the beginning, when there weren't
many files.  But as I started to add more and more code, I began to
experience random problems here and there.  They would come and go in
different places, or dissapear when I reran the build.  Also, some host
machines were worse than others.

Now I only load a few essential binaries with NSALV, and the rest with
DUMP in timesharing.  This seems to have fixed the problems.  Phew.

Do you have patches for NSALV or DSKDMP?  (Or to anything else in ITS?)

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