[its-hackers] sys; atsign dragon

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Thu Nov 17 08:18:03 CET 2016

Eric Swenson wrote:
> Ken Harrenstien wrote:
>     You're loading ITS into memory from the host filesystem, not from
>     the emulated ITS filesystem.
> That’s what I thought.

I should explain that so far, no rebuilt files are used to boot the
system.  I.e. ITS, EDDT, and NSALV are built, but they are not dumped
into a new bootable ITS yet.  It's on my todo list.

> Are there step-by-step instructions for using KLH10 and starting with
> NO disk, to create an ITS disk with the minimum file system required
> for boot? I’ve only seen steps that start from a PI/MD file system —
> never a MINSYS tape.

As far as I know, KLH10 can't boot from tape (or disk).  That may be why
there are no such instructions.  However, I emulate the KSHACK; BUILD
DOC steps by loading NSALV and DSKDMP from the host file system and
proceed from there.

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