[its-hackers] sys; atsign dragon

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Thu Nov 17 10:05:34 CET 2016

Ken Harrenstien wrote:
> Yeah, there is no such thing as a FE file system in the KLH10 world --
> you just load what you need from the host file system and go. This can
> be a bootstrap that knows how to boot from virtual tape or disk (eg
> TOPS-20's BOOT) or you can simply load the entire operating system (eg
> for ITS) which as you have discovered is a lot easier than trying to
> get the native bootstrap to work.

The 8080 just loads a boot block from tape or disk to location 1000 and
has the KS10 start from there.  It shouldn't be hard emulate by saving
those blocks to host disk and have KLH10 run that.  But ultimately I'd
like to add the ability to fetch the boot block directly from a tape or
disk image.

> it's not even likely that any KA10 ITS system dumps have survived

No.  Still, Richard Cornwell is writing a KA10 emulator, and he wants to
add an ITS pager and ultimately run a KA ITS.  I'll try to help him.

Also, Dave Conroy made a KA-like FPGA implementation which runs ITS.

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