[its-hackers] TS NAME

Eric Swenson eric at swenson.org
Fri Nov 25 00:51:13 CET 2016

I'm trying to build/dump SYS; TS NAME on a new system. I do the following:


$l sysbin; name bin


And I get:


.VAL 0; ERROR+3>>TLNE 400000 0/ SEKTTY+25,0

I've also tried the following (setting the DEBUG flag from -1 to 0:


$l sysbin; name bin

debug/ 0


New sys, must initialize--

Take paws off keys and wait

:$ Urk! AAAAAAIIIIIEEEeeeeeee... $



$:BUG NAME A NAME crash was just dumped to CRASH; NAME >

We're dying when we try to do a CORBLK system call.  It is the first 
SYSCAL CORBLK in the following code:

corcpy:    syscal corblk,[cimm %cbndr+%cbndw ? cimm -1 ? cimm usrpag ? 
cimm %jsnew]
      jsr error
     hrlz c,a
     lsh c,10.    ;get addr in LH
     hrri c,usrfil
     blt c,usrfil+1777    ;copy page by hand.
     hrrz c,a
     syscal corblk,[B ? cimm -1 ? C    ;replace page with copied page.
         cimm -1 ? cimm usrpag]
      jsr error
     syscal corblk,[cimm 0 ? cimm -1 ? cimm usrpag] ;flush scratch page.
      jsr error
     aobjn a,corcpy    ;repeat as necessary.
     popj p,

errcod:    0
error:    0        ; JSR here when fatal error happens.
     skipe debug
     tlne f,%svrmod
      jsr exit    ;if server, just die for now.  Perhaps later report it.

     ; We're going to dump.  Save some info.
     movem a,asave        ; save ac (don't smash pdl)
     .suset [.rbchn,,bchn]
     hrlz a,bchn
     add a,[.rios,,ios]
     .suset a
     move a,asave
     .value [asciz : Urk! AAAAAAIIIIIEEEEeeeeeeeeee... 
:BUG NAME A NAME crash was just dumped to CRASH;NAME > !!
: Sorry about that.  If you have any idea why this crash
happened or how to reproduce it, please do another :bug name
and tell us...

Any idea where to look?  I've single-stepped through the execution, but 
don't know how to proceed when we are getting an error return from a 
CORBLK system call.  I do have the saved CRASH; NAME >.

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