[its-hackers] TS NAME

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Fri Nov 25 20:03:46 CET 2016

Eric Swenson wrote:
> I discovered that we were failing much later in the program when
> trying to find a TTYTYP entry for this machine. Turns out we were
> missing the file SYSENG; TTYTYP > in the built system.  It was the
> OPEN call on this file that was returning the "file not found" error.

I suppose this file is what we have as SYSTEM; TTYTYP 317, like AI and
PI.  MC does have it in the SYSENG directory.  SV has a link from SYSENG

NAME also uses SYSBIN;TTLOC DATA, so be sure to add that.

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