[its-hackers] ITS at GitHub

Eric Swenson eric at swenson.org
Thu Dec 1 19:32:42 CET 2016

Since Lars last posted a status update, we’ve made a bunch of progress.  In addition to the programs listed in Lars’ last post, we now have a functioning network (on KLH10), with TELNET, FTP, SUPDUP, and FINGER support. We also have COMSAT working for both local and remote email delivery and we have MAIL/QMAIL/RMAIL for mail reading.  We also have FIND, TTLOC, SRCCOM, DDTDOC, DSKUSE, WHO, WHOJ, WHOM, USERS, and BINPRT. MacLISP (LISP) and the compiler (COMPLR) are also built and the basic lisp library is available. Recently, we have INQUIR, PANDA, and PWORD support (although DDT is still the default top-level job, rather than PWORD. You can switch to PWORD if you like, but need to set up one account, at least, before you do).  We have the DQ device working (for hostname resolution), although there are apparently some patches that are not yet applied.  

Lars is working on rebuilding EMACS.  I’ve also made a bunch of progress rebuilding all the standard lisp library FASL files from source, but haven’t commited that yet.  If anyone on this list has any special requests for prioritizing missing functionality, please let us know.

— Eric

> On Nov 23, 2016, at 03:40, Lars Brinkhoff <lars at nocrew.org> wrote:
> Status update.
> We're now building, dumping, and booting a new DB ITS, version 1647.
> This uses rebuilt system tools: MIDAS, exec DDT, NSALV, DSKDMP, KSFEDR,
> and disk boostrap.
> Once the new system is started, we build DDT, TECO, DUMP, TCTYP, CRTSTY,
> PEEK, ARCDEV, ATSIGN DEVICE, some dragons.  EMACS is there, but is not
> yet built frorm source.
> The build works with both KLH10 and SIMH.
> Eric is bringing up the network, and had success with FTP and TELNET.
>> https://github.com/PDP-10/its
>> My goal with this repository, is to have everything built from source
>> code, starting from scratch using boot tapes and a DUMP tape with a
>> small set of binaries.

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