[its-hackers] Funny

Eric Swenson eric at swenson.org
Thu Dec 1 20:30:30 CET 2016

I was logged into a DB-ITS and fooling around, and all of a sudden, I got interrupted with this:

You have mail from PFTHMG-DRAGON:                                                               
Date: Thu,  1 Dec ;6 11:28:05 EST                                                               
From: PFTHMG-DRAGON at DB-ITS.EXAMPLE.COM                                                          
Subject: That Time Again                                                                        
To: MAGIC-DRAGON-KEEPER at DB-ITS.EXAMPLE.COM                                                      
Message-ID: <9.;61201.PFTHMG-DRAGON at DB-ITS.EXAMPLE.COM>                                         
Don't forget to print out the DSK:DRAGON;NOV REPORT file and                                    
give it to the appropriate people.                                                              
         - puff

I wonder who the appropriate people are now?  :-)

— Eric

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