[its-hackers] DRAW / SUDS

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at gnu.org
Wed Dec 7 15:54:59 CET 2016

I guess the short answer to if anyone is capable of running SUDS is if
they have the following in working order:

	These are the sources for the draw program of the Stanford drawing system.
	Questions to H, JLK.
	SUDS maintenance is now being done on MC.  The appropriate directories are:
		DRAW;  -- drawing system files
		WL;    -- wirelister files
		PC;    -- PC program files
		DATDRW; -- Bin files, bodies librarys, DIP info, SUDS documentation, etc.
	On AI, the directories DRAW, DRAW1, DRAW2, WL, NEWWL, NEWDRW, and DATRPH
	have been flushed.  The canonical place for bin files for TS D, TS WL, etc.
	is now DATDRW;  (this includes the SCNV program).
	Info on dumping out a new D, PC or WL is recorded in MC:DRAW;D INFO,
	MC:DRAW;PC INFO and MC:WL;WL INFO respectively.


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