[its-hackers] DRAW / SUDS

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at gnu.org
Wed Dec 7 17:19:03 CET 2016

   Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
   >    There's a DRAW library for EMACS.
   > Which one are you thinking of? I looked high and low. :/


Ah, that looks like something entierly different.

   > I guess the short answer to if anyone is capable of running SUDS is if
   > they have the following in working order:
   > 	These are the sources for the draw program of the Stanford drawing system.
   > 	Questions to H, JLK.
   > 	SUDS maintenance is now being done on MC.  The appropriate directories are:
   > 		DRAW;  -- drawing system files
   > 		WL;    -- wirelister files
   > 		PC;    -- PC program files
   > 		DATDRW; -- Bin files, bodies librarys, DIP info, SUDS documentation, etc.

   Of those, I only have DATDRW.

And parts of DRAW and WL (they are on AI).  But PC is completely missing...

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