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Nice work!

I wonder of Terry's SHRDLU ever was run and displayed on the GT40? Not sure of
the timing of SHRDLU vs. availability of the GT40...

On Thu, 21 Jan 2021 07:21:08 +0000
Lars Brinkhoff <lars at nocrew.org> wrote:

> Hello,
> Some GT40 related updates.
> - I'm trying to investigate whether there were one or two GT40 machines
> in the AI lab.  I believe one started out as a SUDS workstation (a 1974
> version does work), and was later revamped into a CONS console.  It was
> connected to T34 the whole time.  Probably a second GT40 was in the Mini
> Robot lab.  It would usually be a console for the Mini Robot PDP-11/45,
> but could also be switched over to T40.  The problem is no one I asked
> clearly remember this.  The Mini Robot people say they recall their
> GT40, but no other.  The other AI lab people, vice versa.
> - The Lisp display slave for the 340 was updated to also support a GT40.
> This code was built into Maclisp until around 1974, but was split off
> into a separate FASL during the shift to new I/O.  This FASL was
> slightly recoded and still worked for the 340, but GT40 support was
> botched.  I fixed this, and now a call to DISINI can select display at
> runtime by supplying a second argument.  Tested with Lisp Logo.
> - Speaking of the Mini Robot lab, I also found their version of GT40
> Spacewar.  It was written on DOS-11 using its MACRO.  I haven't been
> able to assemble it with ITS' PALX; apparently the syntax isn't 100%
> compatible.  I'm looking into assembling it on DOS-11 or some other
> PDP-11 operating system.
> - I found source and binary for Bo Eross' Spacewar, written for a GT40
> at Stanford.  The binary works fine on the SIMH emulator.
> - The Mini Robot lab produced some other programs for their GT40.  I'm
> talking to lab members about requesting files from MIT.

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