[its-hackers] Building a PACKAGE system for Muddle 54

Timothy Anderson taa at alum.mit.edu
Thu Feb 11 03:47:22 CET 2021

Fun. For the record, here's the definition of PACKAGE from MIM source. I'd say your version is pretty authentic.

                 "OPT" (INAME:STRING .NAME) "VALUE" ATOM
                       (OBLIS:LIST .OBLIST))
          <COND (<==? .INAME .NAME> <SET INAME <STRING !\I .TNAME>>)>
          <SET OBL <MOBLIST .ATM>>
          <SET IOBL <MOBLIST .IATM>>
          <BLOCK <SETG .ATM <SET TMP (.IOBL .OBL <ROOT>)>>>
                 <PUTPROP .TMP NOT-LOADED NOT-LOADED>)>)
         (<BLOCK <SET TMP (<1 .OBLIS> !.OBLIS)>> <SET ATM T>)>

PKG-OB is the PACKAGE!- oblist. The TRANSLATE stuff I think was added to support MIM-there was a global (by default empty) list of translations (string->string) that was referenced by TRANSLATE?. The code is a little obscure in PACKAGE itself: TNAME is never FALSE, though the DECL says it can be: TRANSLATE? always returns a STRING, either the translation or the original name if there wasn't one. This allowed a package to be loaded more than once, which can be handy when you're compiling things.

Ceterum autem censeo Microsoftem esse delendam.

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Subject: Re: Building a PACKAGE system for Muddle 54

Hi Everybody,
I found the bug!!! I didn't splice all the needed oblists in the correct order!
Here's the working code:

And a simple test package:

I FLOADed XPACKG and XPGTST into a fresh muddle and
It worked! Now I need to add file I/O to to XPACKG an d we will
Have a working basic Muddle Package system

> On Feb 9, 2021, at 1:57 PM, rrs0 at earthlink.net<mailto:rrs0 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hi Chris and Tim,
> I am in the middle of building a PACKAGE system for Muddle 54 that comes with the KA10 emulator running ITS.
> We found an old (1972) version of PPRINT and FRAMES. I had to debug it. PPRINT is now is at GitHub lars/ .
> It and frames make debugging possible!
> Back to PACKAGEs,  I have an in-core version, "XPACKG >" where PACKAGE creates the correct oblist structure.
> And leaves the IPCK oblist as <1 .oplist>, ENDPACKAGE does a EN BLOCK  my USE seem to be working. ENTRY is
> giving my some trouble though. Its supposed to move the atoms that are its arguments from IPCK oblist to PCK oblist.
> I am having trouble getting the atoms on the right oblist, the problem was the atom on IPCK had its GVAL set to the
> function but the Atom of the same PNAME on the PCK oblist didn't have a GVAL. When I do this by hand I get the ATOMs
> and there GVALs are put on the correct oblist.
> Any hints or suggestions???
> Rick
> P.S. here's my code so far
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