[its-hackers] More on its package system

rrs0 at earthlink.net rrs0 at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 19 01:14:55 CET 2021

Hi Lars, and Other MDL hackers
I found the file system interface in USE, its the function FIND/LOAD. For example:
;"PK is an ATOM or FALSE, .NAME is a STRING of a package name to find or load
  .L-SP is ,L-SEARCH-PATH , the search path to find your packages and other stuff."

So far in TT:RRS; ITSPKG  > ,  I have a working PACKAGE , ENTRY , and mostly debugged USE .
That leaves L-UNUSE convert from MIM to Muddle 56 will make sure that ITSPKG is uploaded 
To GitHub under the GNU license the it works correctly .

I haven't checked yet if FIND/LOAD and  ,L-SEARCH-PATH exist in muddle 56, I will 
Most likely have to implement them. Are these part of the library system that we don't have

BTW I found it is a very bad idea to comment a comment . READ is very unhappy with that.
A comment is associated with the object to its left. So I see trying to associate a comment with a
Comment get read confused. My error was:

< ... >
;"Comment 1"
;"Comment 2"

Instead of
< ... >
;"Comment 1
  Comment 2 "


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