[its-hackers] RDTIM

Christopher Stacy cstacy at dtpq.com
Thu Apr 8 00:13:19 CEST 2021

In the ITS KS10 microcode, 1729 is the "hardwired" machine serial number.

Perhaps that magic number (chosen for its magical "most interesting" 
is written into that counter when the clock (?) has been reset.

So this code is therefore trying to reset the clock by reading the 
low-res (date/time) clock, if the system (?) has been reset since we 
started our own ticking,

Something like that.

If various things go wrong with the GLPDTM,
I guess your clock would freeze.

I don't think I came up with 1729 because I'm not a math geek.
The comment could have been written by me, I will admit.
Or maybe it was like ALAN or someone and I just liked it.
It definitely rings a bell...

Why it is not a symbolic constant ...
Well, it was probably a very Well Known Number at the time...

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