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First result from Google:

On Wed, Apr 7, 2021 at 3:13 PM Christopher Stacy <cstacy at dtpq.com> wrote:

> In the ITS KS10 microcode, 1729 is the "hardwired" machine serial number.
> Perhaps that magic number (chosen for its magical "most interesting"
> properties
> is written into that counter when the clock (?) has been reset.
> So this code is therefore trying to reset the clock by reading the
> low-res (date/time) clock, if the system (?) has been reset since we
> started our own ticking,
> Something like that.
> If various things go wrong with the GLPDTM,
> I guess your clock would freeze.
> I don't think I came up with 1729 because I'm not a math geek.
> The comment could have been written by me, I will admit.
> Or maybe it was like ALAN or someone and I just liked it.
> It definitely rings a bell...
> Why it is not a symbolic constant ...
> Well, it was probably a very Well Known Number at the time...
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