[its-hackers] MUDDLE Question about about MIMPKG >

rrs0 at earthlink.net rrs0 at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 28 02:42:41 CEST 2021

Hi Lars, Chris, Tim and and other Muddle hackers,

While working on  the package system for ITS Muddle, I been using the MIM code in
a version of MIMPKG that I found as an example of handling the state information that
Is needed buy a Muddle package  system. The version I'm working on is "TT:RRS;ITSPKG >"
On Lars's pdp10 emulator. I need to finish L-UNUSE and add file system support to

There 3 places in the MIMPKG code that use the GVAL of ATOM-TABLE. The first
Is in L-UNUSE and the other two are in TRY- OOPS.  Who or where does Muddle 
SETG ATOM-TABLE ?? From L-UUSE and what it must do, ,ATOM-TABLE should be a list
Of the  ATOMs the package's public and internal oblists that must unSET / unSETG'ed  and
removed  from the DROPped package's obilists before the association between the atom
who's pname Is the package is removed to  make the GC happy.


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