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Hi Eric , 
Since I owned / maintained the  MDL at ISI when CLR or TAA weren't working on MDL, I was told that I was a 
ZORK wizard and I could save a new version of the game. They also said " As a wizard, I would have to
Figure out what else a ZORK  a wizard could do. I took that as a challenge to hack  on  ZORK.

Greg Finn, and Larry Fye (Op-Fye at ISIB) first started to explore ZORK with IDDT found a quote magic word
("maurant vasjey" I think ) in the Text strings. They then asked me for help. That's when I first came up with the 
idea to dump the room data base in A people readable form, BTY I had to break circular links
 so the tree walk wold not loop forever. I next found  When you load ZORK into a fresh MUDDLE, ZORK would remove 
or hide all the normal printing and debugging functions. I just would reinstalled PPRINT and FRAMES
to the core Image of the muddle with Zork load, then saved it.

One other thing I discovered was that a ZORK wizard could was type ^G an d get back to MDL's read eval print
Loop, <ERRET T> would cointinue the interrupted ZORK. We also knew  how to PPRINT a muddle object form DDT.
We found the room database which had circular links in it. I spent a fair amount of time writing a pretty print routine 
for the room database.  We then printedf it to a disk channel and studied it. Now we had the current map of the 
Dungen we knew where we wanted to go, you still had to solve that room though. 

Since it would take a long time to go from the being of ZORK to the  room you were working on, I wrote my
TELEPORT room function. This function Would let a ZORK wizard teleport to any room inn in the maze. We at
ISI got very good in making the above changes to each version of ZORK we got form DMS-MIT, also known as
"The Zork Machine".

Then ISI offered a challenge to DMS that we would solve anything new added to ZORK in one week. This started 
Freak out Zork's creators at DMS. I not sure if it was CLR or TAA, who found ISI's ZORK was a little longer then
Anyone else's ZORK. I think it may of been TAA who found my teleport function on one of the ZORK's  oblist and 
what ISI did. I thought this was a wonderful hack!


> On Apr 28, 2021, at 4:33 PM, Eric Swenson <eric at swenson.org> wrote:
> I spent a TON of time working on Zork when I should have been working on my thesis.  The endgame was especially gnarly.  It took me a long time.  But it was a lot more fun than my thesis.
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> Hi there did also. Thanks to both you Chris for suggestions for catching who said cheese Atom– table. 
> Eric, for grepping The sources of model defined references to Atom – table.
> Oh, as I remember the endgame of the zork was quite twisted! Back then at ISI  we cheated. I wrote a teleport function that I Ddet to ISI's Zork. That would let a zork wizard teleport to any room in the maze. We also dumped the room database. This really helped with the endgame.
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>> On Apr 28, 2021, at 3:45 PM, Eric Swenson <eric at swenson.org <mailto:eric at swenson.org>> wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>> Actually, I did receive your message from yesterday.  I wonder if Rick did too.  
>> On another note: Chris, did you get a request from Lars to request from MIT all the compiler, interpreter, and runtime sources and binaries from the MIT archives?  I believe he put together an exhaustive list of files from ToTS and asked two people, Tim and XXX? to make the request to MIT.  It would be really great if we could get those files released so that we could put together a working MDL environment for MDL 54 and MDL 55. 
>> I have a working version of MDL 55 on my system, and I’ve compiled, assembled, and dumped ZORK.  It ran perfectly fine (after a fix to LSRTNS) and I played the whole game through to the end of the end game.  It would be great if we could release this.
>> -- Eric
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>> Hi Rick and Eric,
>> I sent this yesterday but it is blocked because its hackers waa on "to" list and it is blocked.
>> -clr
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>> Hi Rick,
>> Try this hack:
>> Sorry my MUDDLE skills have atrophied over the years but you get the idea.
>> -clr
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>>> Hi Lars, Chris, Tim and and other Muddle hackers,
>>> While working on  the package system for ITS Muddle, I been using the MIM code in
>>> a version of MIMPKG that I found as an example of handling the state information that
>>> Is needed buy a Muddle package  system. The version I'm working on is "TT:RRS;ITSPKG >"
>>> On Lars's pdp10 emulator. I need to finish L-UNUSE and add file system support to
>>> There 3 places in the MIMPKG code that use the GVAL of ATOM-TABLE. The first
>>> Is in L-UNUSE and the other two are in TRY- OOPS.  Who or where does Muddle 
>>> SETG ATOM-TABLE ?? From L-UUSE and what it must do, ,ATOM-TABLE should be a list
>>> Of the  ATOMs the package's public and internal oblists that must unSET / unSETG'ed  and
>>> removed  from the DROPped package's obilists before the association between the atom
>>> who's pname Is the package is removed to  make the GC happy.
>>>         Rick

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