[its-hackers] More on MIM's L-UNUSE and ,ATOM-TABLE and MDL

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Sun May 30 08:37:35 CEST 2021

Hi Lars and Chris,
Hi I wrote a function called SPCL-ATOM-TABLE that returns flat list of all the ATOMs in the package being L-UNUSEd.
In this list first are the atoms of the packages internal oblist followed by that packages's external oblist. This wasn't what the MIM code for L-UNUSE converted to ITS muddle wanted. It has one too many MAPF's for a linear list of ATOMs.

Since I now have all the needed chances of code and the definition off what L-UNUSE does, and since 
SPCL-ATOM-TABLE returns a flat list of atoms in the package to be remove in the right order. I going to write my
Own version of L-UNUSAE. I have already done this  for DROP.

I amit that I have ignored RPACKAGEs and DATA handle of the full package system described in PDL's "MDL
Programming Environment". I can see why RPACKAGES and RENTRYs could be useful, but I haven't implemented 
Them at the minute. I have never used them. When I finish with L-UNUSE, I will only have to add file system support to 
My version of FIND/LOAD to have a  basic package system. I doubt if it will load the COMPILER's sources, but I
Might get luck.The first real test will be if MIGS loads by my package system. At the moment ITSPKG will work with carefully FLOAD package files.. DROP can simulate L-UNUSE but doesn't clean up th garbage.


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