[its-hackers] Just remembered a useful feature of MUDDLE

Richard Shiffman rrs0 at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 2 09:17:19 CEST 2021

Hi everybody,
One of the biggest headaches of entering MUDDLE code with  TextEditor is keeping all the different pairs of brackets matching. If you have a structure editor for Muddle 
Match open and closing brackets is not a problem. 

The creators of Muddle took pity on losers stuck using a TextEditor for coding Muddle. A supper closing.bracket was added to READ, ">!".  This works like closing square bracket in interLisp. A couple of ">!$"s will save you from having to type "^S" flush all your input and having to start over. The Supper closing bracket is >! And $ is escape or alt-mode key.

After using the >! to close and complete  your input,
Use PPRINT to look at what you created and how to fix it. 


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