[its-hackers] Neat trick with MIGS and the use of PICT in stead of MCELL

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Sat Jul 24 21:28:29 CEST 2021

I'm forwarding this per Rick's request.

Rick Shiffman wrote:
> Hi Lars and Eric.,
> One of the first images you sent me, before I installed X-Windows on my
> MacBock, it's the display from
> <FNCTGTST>$ a plot of a 5th order function of X, where f(x)=(x+2)*(x+1)*x*(x
> -3)*(x-5)
> The almost vertical line at the right end of the plot isn't part of of
> the function. Its a result of the screen coordinates overflowing.  I
> figured the easiest way of around this was to put <FNCTGTST> inside
> off an MCELL so when DISP was called the image would be Clipped to the
> screen size.
> This bring us to PICT. PICT is a call to MCELL but looks and acts like
> DEFINE. See the end of MIGS ORDER or MIGS RECENT for all The details
> on the use of PICT. PICT returns the atom whose PNAME is the name of
> the MCELL it creates and get most of its defaults Correct. So <DISP
> displays it clipped to the screen size.
> *
> P.S.  So far as I can tell MUDDLE 56 sedems to be winning, except for
> the minor announce of parsing ".1"as <LVAL \1> not 0.1 . A leading
> Zero solve this bug/feature. Since I know about it and a quick work
> around, its now a feature. By the way MUDDLE 54 and 55 both parse "'1"
> Correctly, but FRAME blows up when Called which a #FRAME as its
> argument.  Also ITSPGK loses in MUDDLE 54 also. I haven't tried muddle
> 55 yet with ITSPKG.
> If my post to its-hackers still fails I hope someone will forward it.

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