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> Jack Haverty wrote:
> > Actually, I think this book is incorrect about the "first timesharing
> > system".  
> Absolutely.  There were heaps before 1967: CTSS obviously, but also the
> PDP-1/X at MIT, DEC's PDP-6 Monitor, Project Genie, Dartmouth DTSS, JOSS
> at RAND, PLATO?, and probably more if you do a few minutes of research.
> But I'll forgive a mid-80s journalist for not getting all details right.

And there was Sabre - although not a "universal" timeshare system, it was an
airline reservation system built on timesharing principles. It was fully
operational in 1964.

One the senior managers I worked for at IBM's Poughkeepsie Development Lab had
designed the I/O system for Sabre. At that time, I lead a modeling group
studying operating system design, characteristics, performance, etc.

I'm a member of the PDP-1 Restoration Team at the Computer History Museum -
and a docent as well. At the Museum are very careful to avoid using the term
"first" regarding almost anything related to early computer systems. There was
so much development occurring in parallel that (in most cases) saying what is
"first" boils down to a matter of "definition"...

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