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On Thu, 19 Aug 2021 at 02:41, Jack Haverty <jack at 3kitty.org> wrote:

> You punched your card deck, put
> in the hopper at the Computer Center, at some point an operator took it
> away, and you came back later to get your printout.

Hello Jack, and sorry for going a bit off-topic. However, the practice you
was before my time (being born in the 70's). I have for the longest time
what happened if your program had a bug that caused an infinite loop to
write output to the printer, or writing an infinite stream of cards.

How much paper in the form of printouts or cards were wasted before someone
stopped the job, and were there any repercussions?

> Somewhat later, probably fall 1968, I had a student job with the
> Metallurgy Department, programming in APL (if you think TECO macros are
> convoluted programming, look at APL!).

I have an interest in APL (and one of my projects is a research programming
language that uses APL syntax and symbols). I assumed that what you
must have been APL\360, but Wikipedia suggests that at the time it was not
outside IBM. Could the Wikipedia article be wrong? Can you shed some light
on this?

Again, sorry for being off-topic.

Thanks and regard,
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