[its-hackers] its-hackers Digest, Vol 52, Issue 4

Christopher Stacy cstacy at dtpq.com
Fri Aug 27 17:36:45 CEST 2021

No; I loved APL but haven't used it since my intern days
at STSC. APL*PLUS of course. The hottest thing was the
Amdahl/470 and the coolest thing was the IBM 5100.
And daisy-wheel terminals replacing 2741s and thermal
printers. The latest innovations were ragged arrays,
and (at lest talk of) lazy evaluation (which I think was
referred to as "J-vectors").

It was shortly after that when I discovered ITS, and Lisp.

Speaking of which, I believe the arithmetic in Common Lisp
was influenced by Guy L. Steele's experience with APL.

I haven't followed APL since about 1979.

(Glad to hear you're a hacker, not a historical researcher.
And Good Luck with your implementation!)

What we really need, though, is a version of APL
mashed up with TECO. It could have a meta-object
protocol; applying matrices to cross-cutting
features (e.g. "function advice").

I always wonder in these days of functional programming
on computers with graphics and soft keys, if maybe APL
could make a comeback. Seems to me it would be naturally
suited for use on the Apple iWatchU wristwatches.
Good APL style dictates very short source lines!

(...something about porn and terrorism goes here, I think...)

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