[its-hackers] Knight (and SAIL) keyboard replicas

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Mon Dec 20 20:40:20 CET 2021

> Ken Harrenstien wrote:
>> Despite the additional bucky bits, I don't really remember any ITS
>> programs that depended on the Knight kbds except perhaps D (the
>> circuit drawing program) and some command functions specific to the
>> TK TV system.

That's right, D is one of those rare programs.  EMACS is also part of
this exclusive set.  In recent times I hacked DDT to have meta pretend
there was an altmode prefix.

Joseph Oswald wrote:
> Lars: did you mean to point at
> https://github.com/larsbrinkhoff/Knight_and_SAIL_keyboard or
> https://github.com/osiweb/unified_retro_keyboard/issues/37 ?

Yes, the latter is what I meant.  Sorry.

> I'm a little surprised that you can't find some other keycaps already
> manufactured for other replicas.

Maybe so, and if you find one I'm all ears.  The "CADET" keycaps look
very nice, but they don't begin to cover the entire Knight keyboard.

> might already have tooling for things like the SpaceCadet keyboard,
> where I suppose most of the SAIL/Knight keyboards are a subset(??)

Sure, kind of.

> There seem to have been multiple "group buys" for this kind of thing,
> though I can't follow what process they actually describe. This is all
> getting into the kind of ghoulish keyboard cult

Yes, I narrowly missed one of those a while back.

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