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 +====== EMACS initialization code ======
 +Here are some pieces of code to put in your EMACS init file (e.g. ''​* EMACS''​). Note that the dollar signs ($) should be changed to <​key>​ESCAPE</​key>​ characters (<​key>​^[</​key>​),​ and in general <​key>​^x</​key>​ means "​control-x"​ for some x.
 +===== Help char =====
 +The default Help character in EMACS is <​key>​Top-H</​key>,​ but since you probably don't have a <​key>​Top</​key>​ key on your keyboard, it's convenient to change it. Using <​key>​^H</​key>​ may feel more "at home" for modern Emacs users, but over Supdup/​Telnet there is no difference betweeen <​key>​^H</​key>​ and <​key>​BACKSPACE</​key>,​ which is too useful to miss.
 +For this item, note that <​key>​^^_</​key>​ below is <​key>​^^</​key>​ (control-uparrow) followed by <​key>​_</​key>​ (underscore).
 +fs %TOFCI$"​e !* If you don't have Top, it's hard to press Top-H!
 +  128+^^_fshelpchar$' ​              !* so use ^_ (default is Top-H). Note you have to type it twice. !
 +===== Protection against disasters =====
 +There is no file protection in ITS, so it's easy do overwrite system files by mistake. Too easy, in my humble opinion.
 +!* Protection against disasters:
 +   By default, make all file buffers read-only,
 +   but undo it for home directory, HACK, and .TEMP.
 +   !
 +fs hsname$:​f6[2
 + @:i*/ m.m ^R Set File Read-Only$[0
 +      -1m0$
 +      fs DSname$:​f6[1
 +      f=1^]^S2$"​e m0$'
 +         "#​ f=1HACK$"​e m0$'
 +            "# f=1.TEMP.$"​e m0$'''​
 +      ]1]0/ m.v Visit File Hook$
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