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SPATCH - Srccom Patch library for ITS Emacs

Some instructions for using the library (where $ is Escape):

  1. Load the library: M-X Load Library$hack;spatch
  2. Find a patch file (e.g. PATCH;FIND COMPAR) and, having it in the current buffer, do M-X Apply SRCCOM Patch
  3. If/when Emacs asks about re-using buffers, make sure you create a new one (and give it an arbitrary name like foo).
  4. Apply each patch.
  5. For each change (shown in the bottom Emacs window), you'll be asked if you want to apply it. You can very briefly see the result in the top window before moving on to the next one.
  6. Save the result: For each file patched, you'll be offered to save it.


If you've copied the “* EMACS” file from me or USERS1; (or USERS2;) on UP, you'll get an “buffer read-only” error when the change is to be applied. Then try (where $ is Escape) $$0m.v visit file hook$$ before Apply SRCCOM Patch.

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